90% of our produce comes from local farmers who are not only practicing organic and pesticide free farming, but also committed to regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is when farmers are committed to sequestering carbon out of the air and into the top 8 inches of soil where it belongs. It is one of the only ways to reverse the greenhouse effect.
We get daily deliveries directly from the farms; so when you’re eating a kale salad at Sage, it was likely picked that same day or the day before!


Ace Ranch

San Diego, CA — Family Farm owned by father and son. They specialize in Avocados and Citrus. Certified Organic. Expanding rapidly just bought adjoining properties and we are very happy to have them bringing best avocados ever to our table.


Ana Ayala Farms

Oxnard, CA — A small 6 acre family owned farm in Oxnard. Ana and Victor immigrated here from Mexico and are raising their family in the farming trade. Selling their produce at farmers markets is always a family affair. Their farm is too small to be considered certified organic, but they grow all their produce without chemical pesticides, and petroleum based fertilizers, relying heavily on chicken compost and fish emulsion to feed their produce. Because of their coastal climate, we’re blessed to have tomatoes and cucumbers in the winter time and kale and broccoli in the summertime. They make it possible for us to make it local and Farm-to-table all year round.


Be Love Farms

Vacaville, CA — Mollie’s father, Mathew and his wife Terces Engelhart, the founders of Cafe Gratitude, bought some land in Vacaville 8 years ago to start growing produce for their restaurants. Over the years the restaurants have expanded to Los Angeles, as has the produce. We are lucky to receive stone fruit, almonds, walnuts, and many other tree crops from Be Love farms. Be Love Farms takes their farming practices beyond organic or biodynamic; those are merely the foundations, all of their practices sequester the most carbon out of the atmosphere into the top 8 inches of soil creating humus rich soil that grows vigorous plants without fertilizers. They let the land rest for two years in between each crop, grazing cattles and chickens to ensure they are giving back more than they take out of the soil.


Hillview Organics

Vacaville, CA — Not only are they organic but they are biodynamic as well. They are partners with Be Love Farms (which is down the road). They specialize in exotic seasonal produce. Run by Shankar, who has spent most of his life as a very successful engineer and in his spare time exchanged stocks (also very successfully). Much to the disbelief of his family in India, he was so inspired by organic farming that he gave up the job he came to the states to become a full time farmer. Shankar’s enthusiasm for regenerative agriculture, the environment, and unique produce is inspiring to all of us.