From the farm to the table

From the farmers who started it all, to Alice Waters, the pioneer of local organic produce in fine dining at Chez Panisse, the farm to table movement has its roots in California and continues to flourish. In a time when people are more disconnected from their food than ever, we are giving the farm to table concept new life and expanding it into the realm where it makes the most sense: plant based cuisine.

Our values

We strongly believe in providing a taste experience that gives people the comforting feeling they’re used to while gently challenging their perception of food – where it comes from and how what they eat impacts the world.


We proudly partner with local farmers. And because we see and speak to the farmers themselves on a weekly basis, we know when there has been a bad tomato crop or when organic cucumbers are flourishing, which allows us to tailor our menu accordingly. This creates a win-win situation for the farmers, for us and for our customers who can eat seasonal, organic and local food for the same cost (and sometimes cheaper than) the alternative.

2010, KindKreme opens

Several years later Mollie turned her attention to her life long passion for cooking and vegan food. In 2010 she opened the first KindKreme in Studio City and produced her first documentary, May I Be Frank, with her brothers Ryland Engelhart and Cary Mosier. The film follows an unhealthy, obese, native New Yorker who accepts a challenge to go vegan for 42 days, in which he becomes sober, loses weight, and becomes healthy again. The film received overwhelming acclaim. Mollie’s second film as a producer, The End of Love, debuted as an Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival in 2012. The movie was made as locally as her restaurants with her friend Mark Webber who wrote, directed and starred in the film.

2011, Sage opens

One year after the first KindKreme opened, the second location opened in Pasadena and less than one month later Sage opened in Echo Park and a third KindKreme location was born. Mollie is now the owner operator of Sage and KindKreme and responsible for most of the menus of both properties along with her husband Elias Sosa, the Head Chef (who started at Sage as a Sous Chef 4 years ago.) She has a true intuition when it comes to food and business. Sage continues to produce outstanding numbers, and KindKreme is an internationally acclaimed leader in the vegan dessert industry. In 2013 her biggest endeavor thus far was Sage Culver City. At three times the size of Echo Park with 25 beers and wines on tap, a full organic bar and a wood fire pizza oven, Culver City has been Mollie’s opportunity to express her taste through the unique design and truly bring her farm-to-table ethos to the public on a grand scale.

Locally sustained and produced food is Mollie’s passion. She has a select group of farmers that she works closely with ensuring the highest quality produce in all of her dishes. Mollie’s commitment to the integrity of food goes far beyond taste and commerce to what is ultimately best for the planet. And after she and husband Sosa welcomed their first child in December of 2014, she is more determined than ever to do her part as a restaurant owner and citizen of the world to make a positive impact on how we eat. Together, she and Sosa continue to nurture their family, the restaurants and the community through food.