All Shakes made w/ coconut soft serve & house made raw coconut milk.
(Add banana or kale for $1)

($5 for super-food)

(12 and under)

($16 for super-food)

Chocolate Chips
Salted Caramel
Raw Cacao Nibs
Chocolate Syrup
Fresh Fruit

3 scoops of ice Kreme, bananas, almonds and raw chocolate or caramel syrup

Baked brownie, 3 scoops of ice Kreme, almonds, topped with raw chocolate or caramel syrup

(Add a la mode for $3)

Made with house-made cookies

Rotating flavors salted caramel, raspberry, banana chocolate, espresso, white chocolate

Rotating Flavors, Please ask your server


We are committed to serving the highest quality, locally sourced produce. Whenever possible we use organic and pesticide–free ingredients and change the menu seasonally in order to be more sustainable. We maintain personal relationships with many local farmers in order to give you the best price possible.
We do our best to accommodate people’s dietary restrictions and preferences but we cannot guarantee that it will taste as good as the original design of the dish. You modify it, you buy it.

All food may have come in contact with nuts, gluten, and soy.