Organic, plant based

We are organic, sustainable, plant-based food without the pretense. We are the place where you can bring your date at night and your momma in the morning.


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From the east side to the westside, we’ve got you covered! AND our mobile food truck popping up every place you want to be…


Meet Chef Mollie

A self taught prodigy from a family of culinary phenoms, Mollie likes to say she is the “executive cook” not the “executive chef”. Mollie was raised vegan on a small farm in upstate New York. In addition to her affection for food and cooking, she is extremely passionate about animals and the environment.


Our local farmers

90% of our produce comes from local farmers who are committed to practicing organic, pesticide free farming and regenerative agriculture. We get daily deliveries directly from the farms; so when you’re eating a kale salad at Sage, it was likely picked that same day or the day before!